Cancer Science and Oncology Research Conference


24 June 2024 to 25 June 2024

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Advances in Cancer Genomics, Precision Medicine in Oncology, Advances in Surgical Oncology, Innovations in Cancer Imaging and Radiology & More.


Welcome From The Conference Secretariat


Dear Colleagues,

The Research Catalyst welcome’s you to the Cancer Science and Oncology Research Conference (CancerOncoResCon2024)!

We are delighted to invite you to join us for three days of cutting-edge research and collaboration in the field of cancer science and oncology. This premier conference will take place from 24 June 2024 to 25 June 2024 as we gather in the vibrant city of  Las Vegas, NV, USA.

CancerOncoResCon2024 aims to bring together leading experts, researchers, clinicians, and industry professionals from around the globe to share their latest discoveries, exchange knowledge, and discuss innovative approaches in cancer research and treatment. This conference will serve as a platform for networking, fostering new collaborations, and advancing breakthroughs in the fight against cancer.

Join us as we delve into a diverse range of topics, including but not limited to cancer biology, genomics, immunotherapy, precision medicine, radiology, clinical trials, supportive care, and much more. Through a series of keynote presentations, plenary sessions, and panel discussions, we will explore the latest advancements, challenges, and future directions in the field.

Las Vegas provides the perfect backdrop for this intellectually stimulating event. With its state-of-the-art facilities and renowned hospitality, the conference will offer an ideal setting for fostering meaningful connections and collaborations among participants. We encourage you to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to engage with experts in the field, present your research findings, gain valuable insights, and contribute to the collective efforts in combating cancer.

Mark your calendars for CancerOncoResCon2024, the Cancer Science and Oncology Research Conference, from 18th to 20th April 2024 in Las Vegas, NV, USA

We look forward to welcoming you to this transformative event. Together, let us make a difference in the world of cancer research and oncology.

Kris G
Conference Secretary
The Research Catalyst


Organizing Committee
Luca Roncati

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

Olivier E. Pardo

Imperial College London, UK

Sixue Liu

University of California, USA

Durairaj sekar

Saveetha University, India

Invited speakers
Aydin Eresen

University of California, USA

Durairaj sekar

Saveetha University, India

Magdy Ali Abdou Gouda

Gulf Medical University, UAE


The registration fee includes access to all conference sessions, a conference participation certificate, and an abstract book (pdf).
Participation to the conference is considered final only once the registration fees have been paid. The number of participants is limited: once the number of paid registrations reaches the maximum number of participants, unpaid registrations will be canceled.

Certificate of Attendance: Upon request, the participants of the event will receive an electronic Certificate of Attendance by email once the event is concluded.

Members of partnering societies will receive a 20% discount on the registration fees. For special discount and group discount requests contact the conference secretariat at:


  • Immunotherapy Breakthroughs and Clinical Applications
  • Emerging Biomarkers for Cancer Detection and Treatment
  • Novel Targeted Cancer Immunology and Tumour Microenvironment
  • Therapies for Solid Tumours
  • Liquid Biopsies: Non-invasive Detection of Cancer Biomarkers
  • Updates in Breast Cancer Research and Management
  • Epigenetic Modifiers as Cancer Therapeutics
  • Paediatric Oncology: Latest Research and Treatment Strategies
  • Oncolytic Viruses for Cancer Therapy
  • Computational Approaches in Cancer Research
  • Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: Current Status and Future Directions
  • Cancer Stem Cells: Biology and Therapeutic Implications
  • Precision Radiation Therapy for Cancer
  • Targeting Resistance Mechanisms in Cancer Therapy
  • Hematologic Malignancies: Novel Treatment Approaches
  • Biomarkers for Early Detection of Cancer
  • Therapeutic Vaccines for Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Emerging Role of Artificial Intelligence in Oncology
  • Cancer Epidemiology and Public Health Strategies
  • CAR-T Cell Therapy: Clinical Applications and Challenges
  • Advances in Oncology Nursing and Supportive Care
  • Liquid Biopsies for Minimal Residual Disease Monitoring
  • Immunogenomics: Bridging Immunology and Genomics in Cancer
  • Integrative Approaches in Cancer Research and Treatment
  • Molecular Imaging in Oncology: From Bench to Bedside
  • Patient-Centred Approaches to Cancer Care and Survivorship
Venue and Location

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